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Welcome to Poshh!

Your Journey to Beautiful Skin Begins Here:


Welcome to Poshh!


Welcome to Poshh Skin and Laser, where beauty meets expertise in caring for melanin-rich skin! Located in the heart of downtown Hyde Park.  Poshh isn’t just a skincare destination; it is a celebration of diversity and the beauty of melanin-rich skin.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional skincare. We are proud to be recognized as one of Chicago's first black-owned lash studios, leading the industry with lash applications that define beauty and elegance.

At Poshh, we understand that every skin type is different. Our specific treatment plans are crafted to aggressively remove hair while prioritizing the safety and well-being of your beautiful melanin-rich skin. We offer targeted skincare protocols to address discoloration concerns, ensuring that your skin receives the personalized attention it deserves.


More than just a brand, Poshh is a culture crafted by diversity with beauty in mind. Our mission is to empower individuals with by providing top-notch skincare solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Poshh Skin and Laser: Where your beauty shines, and your melanin is celebrated. Join us on a journey to embrace and enhance the natural glow of your skin.

"We Love Your Melanin!"

Poshh! Skin and Laser

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