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Poshh F.A.Q

We want to answer any of your questions.

  • I have darker skin, am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?
    Absolutely, yes! We can treat all skin types safely and effectively.
  • I have very fair hair, am I a good candidate? 
    Possibly, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation. The ideal candidate for this treatment has dark, coarse hair.
  • How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?
    Most patients require between 6-10 treatments in order to see optimal results in addition to touch ups down the line.
  • Is laser hair removal permanent?
    Laser hair removal is a hair reduction process where many different factors play a part in it’s efficacy like hair/skin types, hormones, age, etc. You can expect to see a 60-80% reduction in hair.
  • I’m a little tan, can I get laser hair removal?
    Unfortunately, no. It’s critical that you’re as close to your natural skin color as possible in order to reduce the risk of burning and hyperpigmentation.
  • How do I prepare for my first laser hair removal treatment? 
    Please arrive clean shaven to your appointment! To receive treatment, it is important that you discontinue: antibiotics, topical prescriptions, retinols 2 weeks prior; tanning, self-tanners and sun exposure 4-6 weeks prior; waxing, threading, tweezing and bleaching 3 weeks prior.
  • I want to treat many different areas, do you offer full body packages?
    Yes! We offer full body and partial body packages that may be more cost effective and make more sense for you. Reach out for more information!
  • Can I get lasered on my time of the month?
    Yes, with proper protection most of our patients do! You may experience slightly more discomfort than usual.
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